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The purpose of this website is to provide encouragement and information to both believers and non-believers in regard to the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is also the purpose of this website to glorify God by obeying His will as revealed in His Word.

Why do I believe

Why do I believe in Jesus? Because He changed my life in ways I never could. What makes my faith different from the faith's of other religions? In other religions a person must work at changing themselves to become a better person or follower of their faith. When you follow Christ, He works in you, He changes you, there is nothing we can do on our own. Even our belief in Him is by the grace of God. Why would someone else want to follow Jesus? Because He is the only Truth and the only Way to eternal life. It is only through Him that we are saved. Follow this link to my own personal testimony.

Statement of Faith

The creator of this website through the Grace of our Lord, believes the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible to be an infallible rule of faith and of practice. Each Christian has the responsibility to make known the divine message of the Bible and present those basic truths taught in the Bible which are common to the Christian faith and practice. See Article of Faith.

What is the Gospel

The gospel in a nutshell is that Jesus Christ lived, died, and rose again to save mankind from death because of sin. For a fuller understanding of the gospel and how to share the faith you may find it helpful to go to Loving Someone to Christ.

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